IABM University Forum The IABM University Forum promotes collaboration between educational staff from institutions that have courses that are directly relevant to the broadcast, media and communications sector and IABM members who have an interest in those courses.

Universities and colleges have long provided a fertile recruitment source for IABM members. Apprenticeships are extending this in many countries. Continued dialog is important to ensure academic courses remain relevant to our industry and employers are aware of opportunities to offer students placement and internship work within their businesses.

The aims of the forum are

  • Alignment of course content with industry requirements
  • Forge closer ties to Industry
  • Facilitate student and staff exchange
  • Foster placements/research opportunities

Institutions that are currently members of this forum are

  • Birmingham City University (UK)
  • Glasgow Caledonian University (UK)
  • Kingston University (UK)
  • Loyalist College (Canada)
  • New Bucks University (UK)
  • Ravensbourne College(UK)
  • RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, Wiesbaden (Germany)
  • Salford University (UK)
  • Southampton Solent University (UK)
  • St Petersburg (Russia)
  • Valenciennes (France)
  • University of Essex (UK)
  • University of Surrey (UK)