IABM Supply Trends Reports

The IABM Supply Trends Report biannually tracks financial performance and trends in the media technology sector. The purpose of this report is to enable IABM member companies to benchmark their own performance within the industry and track emerging trends in the supply side of media technology.

We highly recommend viewing the online interactive versions of these reports as thanks to a series of highly engaging charts, it enables you to drill down into the data. More specifically, you will be able to:

  • Highlight chart elements by hovering on the legend
  • Filter chart elements by selecting the legend
  • In some cases, interactively view the data by organization type and/or from a historical perspective


Executive Summary

  • Sales up to 2.5%, profits up to -15.1%
  • Pressure on selling prices and material while labor costs increase
  • IABM Confidence Ratio improves from 6.9 in last survey to 9.07
  • Investment in personnel, R&D and trade shows will rise
  • Demand driven by transition to IP and multi-platform
  • Engineers with broadcast and IT skills remain the most sought followed by staff

Executive Summary

  • Sales slightly down to 0.8%, profits slightly up to -23.8%
  • IABM Confidence Ratio improves from 5.6 in last survey to 6.9
  • Demand driven by transition to IP and multi-platform. Hardware down, software up
  • Pressure on selling prices eases while material and labor costs increase
  • Investment in personnel and R&D rise while spending on trade shows wanes
  • Engineers with broadcast and IT skills remain the most sought after staff

Executive Summary

  • Sales in the media technology market grew by 1.2% in December 2017
  • Confidence ratio was down from 7.4 to 5.6
  • Most of the sample (56%) said that their primary source of revenues is hardware products
  • “Prices and competitive position” was the primary growth constraint
  • Pressure on selling prices has increased with 38% of companies reporting declining prices
  • Recruitment of personnel slows down as companies seek greater efficiencies


Tracks aggregate sales and operational profit across the broadcast and media technology sector. The report includes analysis of market concentration, as well as an extensive commentary on industry trends and the global economic outlook.

A qualitative report based on responses from senior decision makers in IABM member companies, representing a broad cross-section of businesses in the broadcast and media technology sector globally.