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BroadcastAsia 2019: IABM Technical Breakfast

19th June 2019

Blockchain is happening – you need to know about it!

Wednesday June 19th (8am - 9.30am)

Room MR 328 and 329, Suntec

This event is only available to IABM members.

We all know blockchain is about having multiple lists (or ledgers) linked together using cool crypto techniques, but beyond currency what’s the point using blockchain within our industry

Well it turns out that this new technology may well have useful – even game-changing – applications in some areas of broadcast and media.

Forget about all the hype – you need to understand what is really behind blockchain and establish for yourself the possible benefits.

This IABM Technical Breakfast will give you an introduction to blockchain with some typical use cases.

Following is an interactive panel that will cut through the hype to debate the sweet spots for blockchain within the industry, where is it being “brushed under the carpet”, and where the claims don’t match the reality.

IABM will be very active at ConnecTechAsia this year with networking events, a future trends theatre, technology breakfast and more. Click here to visit our dedicated event activity page.