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You have a great product and plenty of good ideas, but you're not sure how to communicate about it. Sound familiar? You need a team of content marketing professionals with inside knowledge of the technology and industry to successfully execute your vision.

After working with innovative, technology-driven organizations for nearly two decades, the 202 Communications team has the know-how to effectively communicate your vision to the right audience. Our experience working with world-class technology manufacturers and service providers in the telecommunications, broadband, satellite and cable industries, has taught us the industry expertise and marketing skills essentials to helping your company succeed on a global scale.

We'll work closely with you to establish a highly customized content marketing campaign geared toward increasing your brand name recognition.

From our strong relationships with the industry trade press to extensive knowledge of industry technologies, social media talents, and experienced writing skills we will propel your company's worldwide public relations efforts to a whole new level — immediately.

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