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ONEtastic is a company born from the union of professionals with extensive experience in telecommunications. The technical know-how and deep knowledge of the market allow ONEtastic to propose highly innovative and constantly updated solutions. ONEtastic designs and manufactures equipment for the transmission of digital radio & TV signals: DVBT/ H/T2, ISDB-T/Tb, DAB/DAB+/T-DMB, PAL/NTSC transmitters, gap-fillers, Spectrum restorers (EDOCR), GPS synchronization systems, automatic change-overs, multi-channel transmitters, custom designed RF amplifiers for special applications. RESEARCH FOR INNOVATION Ingenious and easy to install and use products that reflect the passion of ONEtastic for the design aimed at functionality. An approach that involves everybody in all the different activities of the company. QUALITY AS A CULTURE Products and components undergo a series of quality tests to verify their stability, strength, durability and performance, to minimize the risks of failure and allow our customers a hassle-free management of their networks. PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT The development of each ONEtastic product is a process that involves an in-deep knowledge of the market and the right combination of expertise and experimentation. The ONEtastic approach is based on a number of essential elements: continuous investment in research for new technological solutions and the application of criteria which ensure the functionality and ease of use and maintenance. SUPPORT AS STRATEGY The technical support team is able to respond quickly to requests for technical assistance and the warehouse is organized to provide, as soon as possible, any needed replacement part. Reliability and efficiency. These are the prerogatives of the ONEtastic after-sales support staff.

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