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GLOOKAST develops tools that solve the most challenging issues of today's media production. We simplify the processes of ingesting, parking, retrieving, transforming, and outgesting content through seamless integration across multiple platforms. Our core competency is the development of products for seamless MXF workflows - both baseband and file-based. Our Gloobox products offer a powerful and flexible solution for ingesting video, audio and metadata into your production environment. Whether you're working with the latest file-based formats or baseband and IP signals, our solutions will automate, control, standardize and tag your incoming content. The Gloobox Ingester family provides a simple solution to manage a wide variety of acquisition formats and deliver a standard media file to your production system. The Gloobox Capturer product line (HD, 4K, or IP) supports a wide range of codecs providing affordable and seamless integration of baseband signals into file-based workflows. Gloobox Ingester and Capturer provide the ability to create multiple resolutions, store files in multiple destinations and support "edit while capture", offering the ability to start editing almost as soon as the ingest or capture begins. glooport is a family of cluster based, load-balanced services, including local and remote ingest, media parking and retrieval, transcoding and outgest. Modern media enterprises have multi-vendor solutions throughout their facilities, creating the challenge of how to easily ingest, share, transfer, and transform media and metadata between these platforms. The glooport family was designed to simplify this inter-platform connectivity.

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