RFP Masterclass

2-day workshop

No-one enjoys writing RFP responses. Whether it’s a written document or Excel matrix, most buyers insist on an RFP (or PQQ, RFI or RFQ) as part of their buying process. Solution providers hate having to answer them and frequently end up making basic mistakes. A weak RFP submission risks undoing months of sales effort if it fails to promote the value and benefits of your solution to an audience of business decision makers – many of whom you’ve never met. And a poor RFP process will cost you days of stress and wasted time.

​What will you learn?

In this interactive, practical and fun one-day workshop for broadcast and media technology suppliers, you’ll learn how to…

  • Earn pole position on the shortlist and increase sales with stand-out responses
  • Sell the benefits of your solution with eye-catching text, images and structure
  • Save stress, wasted time and last-minute panic with effective bid management

Who's it for?

Whether you're about to write your first RFP submission or you're a sales veteran, you'll enjoy and learn from this course. Anyone in sales, pre-sales or product roles who has to sell a solution on paper will gain valuable new skills, tips ,techniques and practical advice.

Who's the expert?

This course is run by Rob Ambrose, an experienced trainer, consultant, pre-sales manager and writer with 30+ years’ experience in media technology. Rob has designed, planned and delivered hundreds of demos for media and broadcast solutions.

Rob has written and assessed more RFPs than is healthy and has battle scars from both sides of the process. 

He'll share... 

  • How to guarantee your spot on the shortlist 
  • Tips and tricks for a repeatable and successful RFP process 
  • Best-practice examples and horror stories


This course is available to be delivered at a date and venue to suit you. Please email marketing@theiabm.org to register your interest.



Managing the RFP process

  • Qualifying to avoid wasting time on no-hope RFP responses 
  • Managing an effective bid team
  • Focusing on your customer,using effective questions and calls
  • Avoiding last-minute panic with effective people and time planning


Creating the value proposition

  • Reading between the lines to uncover your customer's real needs 
  • Understanding customer pain points
  • Building your win themes and a compelling value proposition
  • Knowing your audience and decision makers


Building compelling content

  • Communicating compelling clear messages with structure, text and images 
  • Dealing with Excel matrix responses and the prisoner's dilemma
  • Writing attention-grabbing executive summaries
  • Bringing your solution to life while answering the tricky questions


Dealing with the tricky stuff

  • Challenging the customer's process with a different approach 
  • Fixing gaps in your solution
  • Dealing with implementation,integration and partnering problems
  • Pricing dilemmas: what number to put in your response?


Reviewing for success

  • Choosing your review team to be effective and critical 
  • Engaging, not boring, the reader
  • Avoiding common errors, mistakes and pitfalls
  • Ensuring your boss doesn't demand a last-minute re-write


Making it easier next time

  • Maximising the repeatable value of your content 
  • Using cloud tools to boost the efficiency of your RFP process
  • Simplifying future RFP responses with free tools for managing content
  • Learning from every bid,successful or not,with feedback and post-mortem