SMPTE December 2018 Standards Meeting Round; executive summary

The IABM attended this SMPTE Standards meeting round and has compiled an executive summary highlighting project developments that are most relevant to members. The Executive Summary is available to members on this website page.

It is brief and selective; more information on projects that we believe to be relevant to members’ products can be found in the IABM’s full report on the same website page. For brief details of all 150-odd active projects, see SMPTE’s own report here.

Please note that it may take a few days for these other reports to be available after the posting of this Executive Summary.

This time, there were no “stand out” developments, just steady progress on a number of relevant projects

As always, there was progress on the ST 2110 suite on Professional Media over Managed IP Networks.

A new project is starting up on Security in ST 2059 networks; ways to harden the network against deliberate or accidental attack on its key synchronization technology.