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New release: Aximmetry advanced software based Chroma Keyer

Fri 08, 02 2019

Aximmetry released its advanced Chroma Keyer. It is built into all Aximmetry virtual studio software from January 2019 onwards.

Check the demo video!

The new keyer provides superior results for keying transparent objects, contact shadows and fine details such as hair. It can handle broadcast quality real-time in 4K with GPU accelerated rendering at a fraction usage of GPU.

Aximmetry’s ambition is to make high-end, broadcast quality virtual studio software technology accessible to all, including small TV stations, Youtubers and vloggers.

Using the software, professional content with advanced 3D graphics (HDR, depth-of-field, realistic shadows, reflections, refractions) can be produced even from a living room.

Aximmetry’s highly flexible graphics programming interface enables users to create broadcast quality content even with just one fixed camera and a gamers’ PC by construction of interactive scenes and effects utilising virtual lights and virtual camera movements.

Register for free trial at or give us a call at +36 1 300 5060 or email:!

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