IABM Report and Executive Summary from the AES October 2018 Standards Meetings

The IABM has produced a report of the meetings that can be downloaded from this webpage (member login required). Below is a short Executive Summary of the meeting round.

The most important work, as far as most IABM members will be concerned, is all in the Audio Applications of Networks working group:

  • AES67 – related projects. A new revision of AES67 was published in April 2018. There is continuing work on issues that have arisen in plugfests, but little progress since the May meeting round.
  • Open Control Architecture (OCA, AES70). The 3-part AES70 suite was published January 2016. A revision to the suite has been completed and has been issued for public Call-for-Comment here. There has been substantial improvement to connection management and support for UDP and Websockets has been added (existing version is only TCP/IP).
  • Network Directory Architecture. This group reviewed industry feedback on its statement of requirements document for a highly scalable directory service architecture, possibly including automatic network discovery, suitable for professional media networks.
  • AES70 Recommended Practice for AES67 Connection Management. This recently-introduced project has the following scope:
    Publish an informative document that recommends the way to implement AES70-CM3 connection management for AES67 unicast and multicast connections. This work is well-advanced and a similar document for connection management of ST 2110 streams is likely to follow.
  • Other work. A new project has been started to define use cases for RJ45 connectors to carry analog and AES3 signals on its 4 pairs and to identify each “pattern” with a type number. There is work to harmonize AES60 – Core audio metadata with the latest EBUcore (v1.9) and to provide extensions for specialized functions.