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IABM Report and Executive Summary from the AES March 2019 Standards Meetings

Thu 04, 04 2019

The AES standards meeting round is held in conjunction with each of its two annual conventions (one in Europe, one in the USA). This convention was held in Dublin, 20 – 23 March. The convention is usually held later, late April / May.

The IABM has produced a report of the meetings that can be downloaded from this webpage (member login required). Below is a short Executive Summary of the meeting round.

The most important work, as far as most IABM members will be concerned, is all in the Audio Applications of Networks working group:

  • AES67 – related projects. A new revision of AES67 was published in April 2018. There is continuing work on issues that have arisen in plugfests, but little progress since the October meeting round. A Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS) is now contained in AES67, but is 28 pages and may be unwieldy. So the group is creating a companions PICS summary.
  • Open Control Architecture (OCA, AES70). A revision to the 3-part AES70 suite was published January 2019. There has been substantial improvement to connection management and support for UDP and Websockets has been added (existing version is only TCP/IP). A problem with one new feature has arisen, and a fix was agreed at the meeting round.
  • Network Directory Architecture. This group is converting its request for comment document into a statement of requirements document.
  • AES70 Recommended Practice for AES67 Connection Management. This recently-introduced project has the following scope:
    Publish an informative document that recommends the way to implement AES70-CM3 connection management for AES67 unicast and multicast connections. This work is well-advanced and a similar document for connection management of ST 2110 streams is likely to follow.
  • Other work. A new document that defines use cases for RJ45 connectors to carry analog and AES3 signals on its 4 pairs is close to publication as AES72. It identifies each “pattern” with a type number.

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