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HDR Norway rents STRYME server to produce “First Dates”, a Warner Bros. production

Wed 13, 03 2019

Rent-a-GENESIX – Get what you need, when you need it.

Why buy expensive broadcast equipment when you can rent it? Why battle with complexity
when there is a user-friendly alternative that can be used immediately? Rent-a-GENESIX
makes sense, in more ways than one:
Whether OB-Van or studio
productions, renting the ultra-slim 2U
GENESIX VideoServer from STRYME
is the ideal choice for short-term
periods. It is the only high-tech
equipment on the market with up to 16
HD or 4 UHD channels that supports
every format and every codec. Speed
and simplicity, efficiency and flexibility, maximum usability and unmatched reliability
streamline all workflows – from multi-cam ingest to high-quality playout.

Whether it’s a few days, weeks or months, Rent-a-GENESIX is tailored to individual needs.
STRYME’s flagship product is readily available and comes complete with all required
STRYME GmbH – Case Study: HDR Norway Warner Bros. production
channels, codecs and features. In-house engineering experts take care of the setup in no
time and carefully test all functionalities before sending GENESIX on its next mission.
Thanks to remote training and an intuitive interface, the GENESIX VideoServer is quickly
ready for use – wherever needed and without incurring extra costs. A 24/7 technical backup
ensures an all-round carefree rental package.

Case in point:

HDR Norway rented the GENESIX
VideoServer for one week for the
new TV2 dating show “First Dates”,
a Warner Bros. production.
GENESIX recorded footage from
three blind dates in a restaurant,
while interviews were held
simultaneously in three rooms. The
XDCAM HD 422 codec facilitated
multi-cam ingest on 16 channels,
four of which had embedded audio.
Four people controlled the PTZ cameras, each one using four streams for recording.

“Rent-a-GENESIX is our latest high-tech solution. It is easy to use, failsafe and compact. It
fits perfectly into OB-Vans, and smoothly manages simultaneous multi-camera setups. Like
everything else made by STRYME, it goes easy on the budget,” STRYME CEO Goce
Zdravkoski sums up.

About HDR Norway

HDR is a modern, privately owned media center with permanent production
facilities, offering a total of 10 HD studios as well as a fleet of HD OB busses for
onsite and live broadcast productions. As a full-service media house, HDR works
with a wide variety of High Definition productions, covering almost every type of
live, studio or mobile recording. HDR handles everything from pre-production to
filming, post-production and editing, and contribution.


STRYME is an innovative video server manufacturer for broadcasters,
telecommunication companies and cable MSOs. The Austrian market
leader is known for uncompromising quality and reliable sport, live and
news production solutions that simplify, speed up and optimize daily
workflows. STRYME is a trusted industry partner and has implemented
projects on a global scale for renowned customers since 2005.



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