Why Join?

All employees of member companies have access to an extensive range of resources
Member categories to suit all businesses
Access IABM's resources globally wherever you are based

  • $15,750.00

    The top level of IABM membership, Platinum is the choice of leading companies in Broadcast and Media technology that want to take advantage of extensive individualized services and consultations supplied by IABM specialists to support their unique business objectives. Every Platinum membership package is thus individually tailored. In addition, Platinum members also have access to the comprehensive range of IABM services that all members benefit from.

  • $6,500.00

    IABM Gold membership is the natural choice of companies that require the broadest range and depth of off-the-shelf services from IABM beyond those available at Silver level. Gold members are often – but not exclusively – larger organizations with a number of brands and/or subsidiaries that all require access to the full range of IABM benefits.

  • $2,500.00

    Benefits for Silver 100+ members (companies with 100 or more employees) reflect those of the Silver category but some entitlement levels have been increased to support higher usage and this is also reflected in the cost.

  • $1,300.00

    Silver covers two IABM membership categories specifically tailored for SMEs with a range of services designed to meet all their business, training and marketing needs – as well as including attractive discounts in exhibition space at major shows around the world. Silver membership covers companies of 1-99 employees, Silver 100+ those with 100 or more.

  • $750.00

    Start-Up membership is specifically designed for companies that have been incorporated for less than two years to support them at a critical time in their growth and development at a manageable price for what are typically cash-poor, ideas-rich businesses. Start-Up members receive all the benefits of a Silver level member at a reduced rate.

  • $1,000.00

    Bronze membership is tailored for those companies that do not supply products or services directly to end-users but exist in the broadcast and media technology ecosystem – providing support and services to those that in turn supply the end user. Bronze membership recognizes the contribution these companies bring to the industry and also provides a range of opportunities to interact and network with other members.