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Why is collaboration so important?

In the video below, Darren Long (Director of Sky Production Services) discusses why collaboration between vendors and suppliers is so important. Darren discusses the changes in how they work with suppliers over the next few years. “The business models of the past are certainly not the business models of the future, what we need to look at is how we shape the industry to be much more proactive and be prepared to have different financial models. Collaboration has to be the underpinning of where we go as an industry.”

Join an IABM Customer Advisory Board

IABM Customer Advisory Board

Why you can help

As a buyer of broadcast and media technology, IABM and its 500+ supplier members around the world are asking for your help in shaping the future success of our industry. By joining one our new Customer Advisory Boards, you can share with our members what you need and how they can work with you collaboratively to achieve it.

The new Customer Advisory Boards are designed to bring the buyer and seller communities closer together in a collaborative environment for the benefit of all. By investing just a small amount of your time, the Customer Advisory Boards will realise huge rewards for your business.

Why is IABM doing this?

Feedback from customers who have already had a fantastic experience attending collaborative events have asked to be more involved in the activities of IABM.

Only by bringing together both ends of the industry can we all truly prosper and successfully navigate the structural transformation our industry is going through right now. IABM is uniquely placed to make this happen. It is the only international trade association for suppliers of broadcast and media technology.

You can look to IABM with confidence to provide the leadership, solutions and platform for collaboration that we all need. Working together, we can keep ahead of the growing complexity of requirements, rapidly changing business models and onrush of new technologies.

What is the Customer Advisory Board?

An initiative to provide a platform for continuous dialogue and collaboration between IABM members (suppliers) and their global customers.

Drawn from senior broadcast and media company executives, each Customer Advisory Board will consist of a minimum of eight members and a Chair.

The aims of the Customer Advisory Boards are to collaborate with IABM members across technology and business model developments and future requirements, and to:

  • Create a forum for discussion, debate and action on issues
  • Provide advocacy and mediation between IABM members and their customers in the promotion of best practice
  • Lead, advise and direct pertinent content programs around relevant topics
  • Share information about new and existing technologies or services that would be to the mutual benefit of IABM members and their customers – including products, programs, regulations, interoperability and procedures
  • Help IABM members better serve their customers and the industry
  • Promote cooperation and support between IABM members and others who are dedicated to introducing young talent in the industry
  • Shape future education and skills offerings
  • Facilitate networking events, disseminate information and knowledge
  • Participate in IABM research and events
  • Help shape and promote joint R&D initiatives

  • IABM Customer Advisory Board