IABM BaM Content Chain®: from Creator to Consumer

Mapping content supply chain to today’s creative, technical and business processes

IABM’s industry model – The BaM Content Chain® is designed to model the new structure of the broadcast and media industry and provide a flexible, extensible model to accommodate the fast-changing business environment. The BaM Content Chain® will thus prove invaluable to technology buyers, users and vendors alike to adopt the most creative and efficient operational processes and choose the best tools and technology.

The industry model is mirrored in the BaM™ Shop Window - an online resource designed to help you source and find out more about the best products and services available in the industry.

IABM BaM Content Chain®



IABM BaM Content Chain®

As the ultimate source of all revenues for everyone involved in the content chain, The BaM Content Chain® places the consumer at the heart of this new industry model.

It is structured around a common understanding of the creative, technical and business processes from creation to consumption – and the technology employed at every step, whether software, hardware, cloud or managed service.


IABM BaM Content Chain®

By mapping to the creative and business activities carried out between camera and consumer, The BaM Content Chain® gives a complete, 360-degree model of the industry.

It tracks all the steps between content being created, through production and post-production to management, publishing & distribution to monetization. All these steps are supported by three common pillars – connect, store and support, through which processes flow at all stages of the content chain.


IABM BaM Content Chain®

The BaM Content Chain® is equally valid for media, broadcast and content businesses of any scale as well as technology vendors.

It also provides an up-to-date picture of the structure of the broadcast and media industry today – solid foundations for understanding, analysis and decision making.

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The BaM Content Chain® serves four primary economic functions:


Building a common understanding of the creative, technical and economic activities addressed by the industry. This enables changes to be tracked and understood


Underpinning the valuation of the addressable market for different types of technology products and services – now and into the future. It looks at this from both ends – spending by technology buyers, and revenues of vendors


Aiding discovery of potential solutions/vendors by prospective buyers, making it clear who sells what, and which products fit which niche


Creating a blueprint for building a modern content supply chain – optimizing workflows and operations to deliver content from creator to consumer efficiently across multiple formats and platforms

The BaM Content Chain® is built around the following creative, technical and business processes:










The BaM Content Chain®: from Creator to Consumer, will change the way we look at our industry. It is the result of a major project undertaken by IABM to redefine the broadcast and media content supply chain as the industry continues to transform. It had become clear that the previous industry model, based around product categorization, was not able to reflect the enormous changes our industry has gone through – and will continue to go through into the future. There has been a fundamental change throughout the industry from a ‘push’ model to one where the consumer can now ‘pull’ just the content they want, wherever and whenever they want it. The BaM Content Chain®: from Creator to Consumer, puts the consumer at the heart of its model and defines the industry ecosystem around delivering what they require. A further beauty of the BaM Content Chain® model is that it is not static – it is flexible and can evolve to include new products and offerings without being redesigned.

IABM CEO Peter White