High Dynamic Range and Wide Color Gamut


This 2-Day Course Will Cover:

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

  • Dolby PQ approach to HDR
  • BBC/NHK Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) approach to HDR
  • SMPTE 2084, 2086 & 2094 HDR standards
  • ITU-R BT.2100 HDR production and international programme exchange standard
  • HDR deliverables – Dolby Vision, HLG, HDR10, HDR10+, SL-HDR1
  • HDR workflows
  • HDR tone mapping
  • HDR compatibility with standard dynamic range (SDR) equipment
  • HDR capture
  • HDR displays

Wide Color Gamut (WCG)

  • Why wide color gamut is an intrinsic part of HDR
  • The WCG color spaces
  • The WCG standard – ITU-R BT.2020
  • WCG primaries, white point and color matrix
  • WCG workflows
  • The WCG Academy Color Encoding Space (ACES)
  • Moving between color spaces
  • WCG capture
  • WCG displays



This course is run on demand

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