Fundamentals of ABR Streaming

Practical HLS and DASH Workshop


A 2 day practical event that shows the delegate how to setup the native windows web server to stream adaptive bit rate services such as Apple HLS and MPEG DASH.

Delegates will configure the server with pre-packaged VoD content, test the stream, capture the stream using wireshark and process the captured stream to extract and analyse both the index/manifest and media content files for both HLA and DASH delivery. In addition, delegates will process wireshark captures of live DASH streams and extract and analyse the index/manifest and media content files.

Broadcast assets will be prepared for delivery by HLS and DASH from first principles. For HLS delivery, delegates will be provided with copyright free content and a windows batch file that uses VLC to transcode and package the asset for HLS delivery. The operation of the batch file will be explained to delegates prior to use. Delegates will also use either x264 library or ffmpeg to transcode the same asset for DASH delivery. The asset will then be packaged for DASH delivery using the GPAC mp4box software.

The underpinning theory of TCP and HTTP will be covered and the effects of packet loss and delay on the TCP-based streams will be investigated practically using an Internet simulator.

This workshop will be based around software running on Microsoft Windows OS and delegates will be expected to bring a laptop and have full administrative rights to make changes to the machine. Delegates will be expected to install software, change IP addresses and enable windows services to set up the web server.

It is possible to run a one day version of this workshop where delegates will concentrate on analysing the index/manifest and media files only.



This course is run on demand

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