Environmental Regulation


Administrations around the world are introducing legislation to control the environmental impact of products.

The requirements may be embodied in the legislation of directives, or may be contained in standards documents. At present there is little International agreement on these matters, though IEC is developing standards on power consumption of some A-V products.

IABM Sustainability Survey

IABM is keen to play an active role on behalf of members in facilitating positive action towards sustainability. This survey is one contribution towards that goal. By completing the survey, which does not require companies or individuals to be identified, you will help us form a picture of the current status and attitudes towards sustainability. The report will be made available free to members but delivered as a priority to members completing this form, enabling you to benchmark your company’s status and activities against the industry average.

Most of the questions are multiple choice to speed up completion, which should not take more than 20-30 minutes. The aggregated results will be a part of our activities with the Forum for the Future project which includes industry suppliers and end-users. Once again the outcomes from that project will also be made available to members.