Delivery options to suit your needs and requirements

Classroom Based

Our technical training courses can be delivered in a professional training environment at locations throughout the country.

This can provide a great solution for organizations that have multiple employees to train, saving both time and money on travel and accommodation.

Bespoke delivery

In addition, whilst the training cannot be completely redesigned to suit an individual organization, our trainers can concentrate on specific areas of the syllabus that are pertinent to your employees.


Our e-learning platform offers high quality, interactive broadcast and media technology training at the click of a button. It provides companies of all types and sizes access to courses, delivered online, to ensure employees are equipped with the appropriate industry knowledge.

We currently offer the following courses online

Key features of the platform include

  • Informative and engaging e-learning
  • Online quizzes and assessments
  • Certification of achievement
  • Progress updates for learners and managers
  • Dedicated library of resources and links

E-Learning FAQ’s

  • Once your purchase is confirmed our LMS (Learning Management System) will email a link to give you individualized access
  • Content is divided into modules, each taking about 40 minutes, though you can stop and start any time you want. The LMS keeps track of where you got to
  • The LMS will pick up from the last page you read, but you can navigate forward and back through each page and module as you want
  • Modules comprise of graphics with a spoken explanation, also text which mirrors the voiceover. Short quizzes give a change of activity and gauge progress
  • You’ll have access to the e-learning course for four months. The LMS will send reminders if you have not completed the course in that time
  • IABM can extend your four month access to the course if needed

Find out more

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