Creative Collaboration Award

The IABM Creative Collaboration Award celebrates ground-breaking innovations that have been realised through creative collaboration between technology suppliers and their customers.

This award is yet another initiative in IABM’s drive to bring the interests of technology vendors and their broadcast and media customers ever closer together. It seeks to recognize break-through solutions resulting from close partnerships between technology supplier(s) and their customer that provide measurable commercial or creative benefits to the customer.

The rapid transformation of both technology and business models in the broadcast and media industry means that suppliers and users of technology must collaborate ever more closely to keep ahead of the fast-changing landscape and continue to succeed.

The judges are looking for entries which demonstrate:

  • A break-through solution resulting from close partnership between technology supplier and customer
  • Measurable commercial or creative benefits to the customer
  • How the parties worked together to achieve the solution

Deadline – Friday 23 November 2018

2017 Winning Entry

SDVI – Fox Networks/Discovery Communications/Turner – Agile Development and Customer Collaboration

IABM Creative Collaboration Award winner 2017

SDVI Rally is a media supply chain manager that optimizes the infrastructure of a media facility, enabling dramatic improvements in utilization and time to revenue. Rally product development requires intimate knowledge of how existing operations will transition to a virtualized infrastructure. SDVI established special relationships with Fox, Discovery, and Turner in which each company worked directly with SDVI in an Agile, continuous planning, development, and evaluation process centered on each company’s targeted use cases.