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Defines the infrastructure, connectivity and bandwidth used to move content within and between facilities.

Defines all the touchpoints with the end-consumer of the content.

Covers the process of original acquisition or creation of raw content

Defines the aggregation, preparation and management of completed content items ready for distribution.

Managing business processes for content rights and royalties, scheduling linear and non-linear services, and selling and managing advertising.

Encompasses the production process (real-time/live) and post-production (file-based) to create a finished piece of content.

Defined as the playout or publication of content ready for consumers, and its subsequent distribution to reach consumers.

Every process in the chain needs access to storage, whether it’s raw content, work-in-progress, completed projects or archived content.

Encompasses the supporting capabilities used across the content supply chain to monitor and secure content and run operations.

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IABM offers a comprehensive portfolio of quantitative and qualitative reports along with articles, blogs and more to help you track technology and business trends together with financial performance across broadcast and media.


View white papers, articles, videos and more that cover the range of sales & marketing disciplines. Alongside this, view our huge suite of e-learning courses available to purchase on a subscription basis.


See the latest on standards reports, committee meeting findings and round table/panel discussions hosted at various events around the world throughout the year where our technology experts go into detail on the latest key trends.


View the range of IABM training courses (including e-learning), see reports from seminars such as ABU and watch round tables covering skills challenges in the industry.


View interviews with key trade show people, see IABM event reports and interviews conducted by IABM TV at shows around the world.