IABM Peter Wayne Golden BaM Award

The Peter Wayne Golden BaM award was inaugurated by the IABM in 1990 in memory of a former Deputy Chairman of the Association, Peter Wayne. All the 20 winners of the IABM’s NAB Show and IBC BaM Awards® are automatically shortlisted for the year’s top broadcast and media technology prize – the Peter Wayne Golden BaM Award® for Design and Innovation. The judges got together again to pick this year’s golden development:

2018 Winner – Microsoft – Video Indexer

Video Indexer (VI) is an artificial intelligence service that provides an orchestration of multiple and customizable machine learning models based on multiple channels (voice, vocals, visual), to extract deep insights with no need for data analysis or coding skills. VI enables deep search, reduces operational costs, new monetization opportunities, new user experiences and more; on large archives of videos with low entry barriers. It also enables easy integration with a customers’ existing infrastructure via a REST API and ready-made embeddable widgets.

The judges said, “A great product making powerful machine learning modules available to the masses with multiple use cases to drive operational efficiency and revenue. It enables media organizations to make sense of their content in a period in which this is exploding.”

2018 Shortlist

Create Category

Sachtler and Vinten – flowtech Camera Tripod Technology

“It is unusual to see such a radical rethink of the humble tripod. A reinvention of one of the most basic pieces of kit used in location production. It is the new gold-standard for camera tripods.”

SHOTOVER Camera Systems – M1 Camera System

“This product’s highly versatile, future proof design makes it the ideal system to be used in a large number of challenging shooting environments. It provides unprecedented benefits that enhance the user’s creative process.”

Produce Category

Vizrt – Viz Libero AR augmented reality sports analysis

“Adding real excitement to studio coverage and tapping into the trend for AR to allow fans and presenters to analyse the plays and get closer to the action. This will add the wow factor to sports coverage. Great looking graphics and integration. Opens up new possibilities for production and storytelling styles; impact is directly visible to the audience.”

Aperi – V-Stack

“Excellent example of a different approach to live production that leverages software and IP-based platforms. An innovative product for live production as we move to IP broadcast systems. No Capex and a great offering.”

​Manage Category

Prime Focus Technologies – Secure Subtitling Tool for Pre-release content

“A very nice solution to an area where growing regulatory requirements require disproportionate resource to meet. Addresses the real issues with a convincing explanation of how the solution will help address these. Good example of applying AI-like technology. Improves content security. Combines tech, AI and humans.”

Microsoft – Video Indexer

“A great product making powerful machine learning modules available to the masses with multiple use cases to drive operational efficiency and revenue. It enables media organizations to make sense of their content in a period in which this is exploding.”

​Publish Category

ZOO Digital – ZOOdubs cloud dubbing service

“A cloud-based dubbing solution helps to solve distance and access to voice talent in a flexible way that shows great use of cloud technologies. It is delivering real results for users. Important to have scalable, on-demand cloud dubbing capability for international distribution.”

Limelight Networks – Limelight Realtime Streaming

“As OTT becomes more important for live and real-time content such as sports events, Limelight is bringing an innovative new solution to market to help ensure high-quality content experiences are delivered to viewers – without making them wait.”

Monetize Category

NPAW (Nice People At Work) – YOUBORA AI 2018

“Puts data at the heart of end-users’ monetization strategy, leveraging artificial intelligence for ad and sub monetization. Includes a variety of possible use cases, including bitrate optimization, personalization and customer retention applicable to different monetization models.”

Promethean.TV – Promethean Broadcast Centre

“An innovative system that’s highly relevant for today’s multi-platform delivery. It’s an excellent solution for increasing revenues from OTT content. Promethean has engaged with the market and industry very positively. A great example for other start-ups to follow.”

​Consume Category

NeuLion – NeuLion Digital Platform Advanced Mobile Experience

“Excellent focus on the mobile market. This is the main viewing screen for millennials. Complete solution giving broadcasters the tool to deliver an excellent experience on mobile devices. This is key to watching more video and sports on mobile devices. Interactive graphics / data visualization, video adaptation on smaller screens, recommendations, offline viewing make it a clear winner.”

Hexaglobe – Xtreme Player

“Hexaglobe’s X-TREME Player recognises the importance of ensuring a high-quality experience all the way to the consumer’s device. Hexaglobe has worked hard to understand consumers, delivering a player that offers great new features – including letting viewers switch seamlessly between different camera feeds of an event.”

Connect Category

Dejero – Dejero CellSat: Connectivity when you need it, where you need it

“Clever and innovative system that combines the best aspects of Ku-band satellite and cellular modem technology into a package that can deliver contribution feeds in virtually any circumstance.”

BT Media & Broadcast – Media Workflow Connect

“Connectivity is one of the biggest challenges in adopting cloud and remote working. BT’s solution goes a long way to addressing some of that, and providing connectivity “on demand” to suit the project-based nature of productions. The real innovation here is in the packaging and the business model – and that’s an area that many vendors would be wise to focus on more.”

Store Category

Object Matrix – MatrixStore: storage re-imagined

“As we move to Cloud services an innovative hybrid approach is ideal for security of data. Enables hybrid on-premise and cloud-based workflows, and support for the industry standard IMF format and media metadata. A high-end product able to operate with the high resolution mastering video formats.”

Editshare – Xstream EFS

“A new approach to everyone’s nightmare. Much more than an upgrade and helping manage crucial aspects of content security in a user-friendly way.”

​Support Category

Sonifex Ltd – AVN-PXH12, AES67 Stream Mix Monitor

“The product lives up to its reputation. It is not complex but extremely functional which the “user” environment really appreciates.”

Portrait Displays/SpectraCal – CalMAN Auto Calibration for LG OLED and Super UHD Displays

“A really neat solution for the home and the control room. Increasingly domestic grade monitors are used in control and edit rooms. This tool allows the users to calibrate these screens consistently and easily. Potentially a big hit.”

Project, Collaboration or Event

NEP Group & Discovery Networks – Cloud-Based MAM System for the Olympic Games

“Using a cloud-based solution as the MAM platform for one of the highest-profile broadcasting events such as the Olympic Games is a brave decision, and successfully utilizing it to deliver all of the Olympic content to 50 territories in 21 languages is a great achievement.”

Telestream and IBM Aspera – Enabling New and Revolutionary Workflows for Real Time Remote Production of Live Events

“The dream of remote production has been bedevilled by latency issues around file handling. This cooperative effort by Telestream removes this roadblock by enabling near-realtime editing on growing files remotely – a real breakthrough.”

2017 Winner

EVS – X.ONE Single operator live multicam production

2017 Highly Commended

  • NeuLion – Virtual Announcer
  • Vizrt – Viz Story – Video & audio tools add graphics & publish video stories to social media in minutes

2016 Winner

Sony Professional – Sony Media Backbone Hive

2016 Highly Commended

  • Cedar Audio – DNS 2 Dialogue noise suppressor
  • Harmonic – VOS 360 professional cloud media processing service

2015 Winner

intoPIX – TICO lightweight compression IPs & SDKs