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Our e-learning platform offers high quality, interactive broadcast and media technology training at the click of a button. It provides companies of all types and sizes access to courses, delivered online, to ensure employees are equipped with the appropriate industry knowledge.

Key features of the platform include:

  • Informative and engaging e-learning
  • Online quizzes and assessments
  • Certification of achievement
  • Progress updates for learners and managers
  • Dedicated library of resources and links

We currently offer the following courses online (please click the links to find out more and purchase):

E Learning FAQ's

  • Once your purchase is confirmed our LMS (Learning Management System) will email a link to give you individualised access.
  • All you need to access the content is an internet connection and a desktop, laptop computer or tablet.
  • Content is divided into modules, each taking about 40 minutes though you can stop and start any time you want. The LMS keeps track of where you got to.
  • The LMS will pick up from the last page you read, but you can navigate forward and back through each page and module as you want.
  • Modules comprise of graphics with a spoken explanation, also text which mirrors the voiceover. Short quizzes give a change of activity and gauge progress.
  • You’ll have access to the eLearning course for three months, LMS will send reminders if you have not completed the course in that time.
  • IABM can extend your three-month access to the course if needed. 


Delegate Case Study

Was it useful to you? Yes it was useful – even though I have 20 years of experience in the Broadcast Industry (from a Master Control Operator to now a Station Operations Manager) it was a nice recap on how the whole process works. I think it will be very beneficial for someone new to the business or someone that hasn’t dealt with how the signal is transmitted to cable head-ends, etc.

IABM has a lot of classroom courses – do you prefer classroom or e-learning? I enjoyed the e-learning since I am the only employee in this location. It was easy for me to start and stop the training as I needed throughout my work day. 

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