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BroadStream Solutions offers a software-based, single, integrated playout platform for 4K playout, virtualized machine capabilities, multichannel HD-SDI / IP hybrid functionality with graphics and playout management functionality with time delay. The time-delay feature lets users configure BroadStream’s OASYS to delay playback of the live output anywhere from one minute to 100 hours, with multiple options to time shift or delay live feeds automatically. Modular applications for redundancy, multichannel client, and graphics options are designed to run both independently or as part of a larger networked system, providing the flexibility to build systems for either simple channel-in-a-box deployments or large, multichannel operations. Looking forward, the next five to 10 years will be completely different from the last. Every broadcaster’s ROI will stand or fall based on the agility and service-culture of the software company it chooses as a partner. With BroadStream, customers can quickly reconfigure their systems to take advantage of new business opportunities with higher ROI potential. BroadStream Solutions | scalability flexibility agility service | Peace of Mind

BroadStream Solutions Inc


6 West Druid Hills Drive NE, Suite 350

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