IABM Member White Papers

IABM Member White Papers


The secret life of streamers: Devices, Content, Location and Quality

The popularity of streamed shows like Luke Cage and Transparent is clear, but how, when and where people watch them most certainly is not. That is the subject of this paper.

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Conviva - The Edge: Delivering the Quality of Experience of Digital Content

As video consumption evolves from single screen to multi-screen, the burden on the Internet and its infrastructure will grow exponentially. The underlying infrastructure – never truly designed for digital video delivery – requires new thinking to ensure excellence in viewer experience. Furthermore, a viewer’s Quality of Experience (QoE) with video is directly impacted by the interruptions in video delivery.

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Avid - Planning your media enterprise journey to the cloud

The cloud provides an environment that can enhance and accelerate almost every aspect of the media supply chain, allowing Media Enterprises to focus on the business of creating and monetizing great content. This White Paper will help you understand and plan for migrating your media workflows to the cloud.

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SeaChange - Defining the scope of a new generation CMS

All the trends in consumer behavior and developments surrounding broadcasters’ and MVPDs’ efforts to be responsive to those trends provide the foundation for defi ning the requirements of a new generation CMS. Essentially, the foundational workfl ow for asset management must allow all contributors to maintain direct control over every function that goes into making that service available to end users.

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Pixel Power - Smarter Branding

  • Give your creative designer freedon - and focus on channel branding, not repetitive manual edits

  • Manage increased channel count - and control capital outlay

  • Grow multi-format distribution - and manage overall operating expenses

  • Improve channel identity and viewer retention - channel branding graphics and in-program promotion is key

  • Save money and power outlay - by collapsing channel equipment chain into fewer devices

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Prime Focus Technologies - ‘Reimagining the Content Supply Chain for the Media Enterprise’

Demystifying the concept of Media ERP and explains how it can help content enterprises re-invent the way they work!

The broadcast media enterprise is facing extraordinary change from several disruptive forces: Over-the-Top (OTT) methods and providers; anyplace/anytime viewing; transitioning the media infrastructure to commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) equipment; moving to all-IP media transport; operating in new geographic markets; and possibly Ultra-HD (UHD) video and/or high dynamic range (HDR) support. Top off this list with the ever-increasing pressure to do more with less, and it is no wonder that today’s enterprises must rethink how workflows are implemented. This whitepaper is your playbook to adapting to meet these challenges with new strategies and examples for managing, acquiring, processing, and delivering media assets.

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Brightcove - What makes an outstanding video player?

A framework for creating positive brand experiences

This paper examines each area - speed and performance, APIs and documentation, a flexible and future-proof platform for generating ad revenue - in depth, as well as Brightcove's approach for addressing each one.

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Brightcove - Five smart tactics for OTT success

Launch and build your internet TV brand.

This whitepaper outlines five smart tactics that will give brand owners the confidence and authority to prepare a successful OTT offering:

  1. Clearly define a unique content strategy
  2. Build toward maximum business model agility
  3. Design a distribution roadmap across platforms and screen sizes
  4. Adapt TV marketing tactics to find, nurture, and build your oTT audience
  5. Design, launch and refine your video offering and technology solution in a single, iterative effort

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Avid - Frost & Sullivan White Paper - Future-proofing Media Workflows through Software-defined Storage

Making the case for Intelligent and Agile Storage Platforms

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Object Matrix - What is Object Storage?

  • What is object storage? 
  • How does object storage vs filesystem compare?
  • When should object storage be used?

This short paper looks at the technical side of why object storage is often a better building block for storage platforms than file systems.

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Imagine Communications - Open vs Proprietary: Choosing the right path to all-IP operations

Standard off-the-shelf IT equipment provides a faster, smoother and less-expensive transition to IP than custom-built routing and switching gear. This document, a how-to manual for avoiding expensive detours and business-crippling dead ends, details the many advantages of using industry standard, Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) Ethernet equipment for your eventual transition to IP.

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Imagine Communications - Top 7 business benefits of transitioning video operations to IP

The concept of an all-IP video plant is moving closer to reality. The cost and performance advantages of leveraging IT-based equipment for some or all of a media company’s operations are becoming too compelling to ignore. But buried beneath the hype surrounding the cost/performance advantages of IT-based technologies are several practical and business-improving benefits of transitioning operations to IP. Here are the top 7.

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VSN - The ultimate guide to bring your media management to the cloud

What is Cloud and what are the top 5 advantages? How has the Cloud changed the M&E industry? New collaborative workflows on Cloud and the expert's opinion - SaaS and different types of Cloud

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NAGRA - Optimizing Multiscreen TV Delivery with a Secure Video Player

This paper looks at the market needs and challenges that pay-TV service providers face when deploying multiscreen TV solutions on third-party consumer electronic (CE) devices such as PCs, tablets, and smartphones. It evaluates the alternative solutions that are available for addressing the needs of both content owners and service customers, and it examines the potential business benefits of choosing an operator-controlled solution delivered by a trusted content-security partner.

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NAGRA - Unifying Content Security on Connected Devices

This paper looks at the evolving needs of pay-TV service providers as their growing multi-screen distribution strategies create increasing complexity in their content protection systems. It highlights the four key drivers that are causing pay-TV companies to reconsider their existing CAS/DRM architectures, and explains the reasons for moving toward a more unified approach that streamlines the implementation and operation of content security across multiple networks and devices.

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DEV Systemtechnik - Solutions for KA Band Diversity

State-of-the art satellite communication systems at the highest data rates are operated on the KaBand. As transmission quality on Ka-Band frequencies is heavily dependent on weather conditions, suitable system configurations need to be carefully planned and chosen. 

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Grass Valley - Broadcast Data Center

Enabling graceful broadcast-centric IP network scaling with a non-proprietary solution that supports vertically accurate switching

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Grass Valley - The Path to IP

The right approach for your IP migration

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Object Matrix - Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Keeping your organisation working no matter what

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