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Hiltron Communications is a leading system-integrator, manufacturer and distributor in the field of broadcast-quality satellite and microwave communication. Hiltron Communications offers complete satellite-uplink systems, VSAT systems, TVRO systems for cable headends or terrestrial retransmission, IPTV headend systems, and mobile microwave links. In our manufacturing role, we produce L-Band splitters and matrix systems, antenna positioners, de-ice controllers, main/redundant system switches, fibre-optic and waveguide system controllers, remote monitoring system controllers (including SNMP), satellite uplink/downlink antennas, plus relevant electrical and mechanical subcomponents. Hiltron Communications also distributes satellite modems, microwave amplifiers, transceivers, block upconverters, DVB codecs, multiplexers, LNAs and a range of waveguide equipment.

Key Products / Services:

  • DTV Products
  • RF Infrastructure & Accessories
  • Systems Integration (Installation)
  • Transmitters & Transmission
  • Link / Contribution Equipment (Cable / Satellite / Fibre etc)
  • Satellite Equipment
  • Systems Integration (Other Infrastructure)

Contact details

Emil-Rathenau-Str. 1
T: +49 7191 34357 0
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