Industry Index

The IABM Industry Index tracks aggregate sales and operational profit across the Broadcast and Media Technology (B&MT) sector. The report is published quarterly and now includes analysis of market concentration as well as an extensive commentary on industry trends and the global economic outlook.

Report Benefits

  • Keep track of sales and profit growth in the sector
  • Appreciate the difference between small, medium and large companies' performance
  • Monitor important phenomena such as M&A and market concentration
  • Draw correlations between industry-specific trends and overall economic climate




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Report Content

The analysis is split into the following sections:

  • Year-on-year market growth - This is monitored monthly and three-month moving averages of these variables are presented in the report to smooth seasonal effects on the data. We also comment on any geographical trends and differences between small, medium and large companies
  • Percentage of companies in profit or loss - This is a precious indicator of financial health of the sector. The chart below shows the figures from the latest index: the number of companies in profit over both the last two years has been worsening in recent months:

  • Industry Index - Percentage of companies in profit or loss
  • Operating profit-to-sales
  • Market concentration indicators - This analysis is based on the same dataset used for the rest of the report and aims to establish the level of revenue concentration in the industry. Market concentration is considered to be na Industry Index - Market Concentration is a major barrier to entry for new firms and is also often related to increasing profitability and innovation potential due to economies of scale. The measures included in the report are Herfindahl-Hirschman Index (HHI) and the 4-firm concentration ratio (CR4). The Lorenz curve provides a graphical analysis of market concentration. The latest findings show that the top 20% of the sample is representative of 75% of total revenues in the industry.

  • Industry and global economy commentary - This draws upon a comprehensive range of literature ranging from CEO comments and financial statements to viewing habits and the latest technology trends. We also comment upon the most recent macroeconomic developments as the industry is highly affected by them.
Industry Index Reports
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